About Barrus Bookkeeping

I started my own swimming pool installation and construction business in 1998 and still operate today. Being seasonal, I found it very important to learn to track & manage my expenses, keep up-to-date records and budget my spending. I was fortunate to be able to make time during my off season to do this. I also learned to do my own business taxes and file. I realize not everyone has that luxury and would like to share my experiences, as well as new learning and new technologies, with the next generation of entrepreneurs starting out. Allowing them to focus on their work, while getting a clear picture of their finances for better decision making.

That is fine either way.  We can get you set up from the start on a good habits based system or work with what you have available to set you up with a system that works for you.

We work with your company to familiarize you with what is a business expense or a personal expense and how best to keep and record those transactions.

We will look at the full picture of your business to determine what deductions and credits are available to you and your business.

Most businesses start out slow and possibly with no employees yet. But as the company grows, so do the responsibilities.  You start hiring employees, paying GST/HST,  invoicing clients and getting credit from suppliers plus all the day to day activities of performing your services.  There is a lot of accounting transactions that need to be handled.  Creating another project that you may not want to or be equipped to handle.  Why not trust Barrus Bookkeeping to handle the transactions side and let you handle your business side??

  •   DIY bookkeeping is taking more time than you can afford
  •   Your books are never up to date
  •   Your accountant does your bookkeeping
  •   At tax time, you send way too many emails to your accountant
  •   You missed out on tax write-offs
  •   Your cash flow is unpredictable
  •   Paying estimated taxes are a pain
  •   Sales have increased but profits haven’t
  •   You’ve had security issues with your computer

Small businesses no longer need to work with a local bookkeeper.  The internet and cloud technology makes it easier for us to securely access client files anywhere, anytime.  Owners can now hire bookkeepers relevant to their operations instead of hiring the local, community bookkeeper.

We can do your bookkeeping one of three ways:  1)  Quickbooks Online  2)  Cloud hosted platforms or third party login like Qbox and Logmein to use Quickbooks Desktop.  or 3) Locally on your computer and send you back the file when complete.

We use Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Onedrive, email and even snail mail.  We can integrate with any process that makes the client comfortable using, so they are more apt to use.

On a schedule that is determined in the beginning, that meets your company`s needs.  Whether it is daily, weekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly or yearly we can customize the action plan to meet your needs.